Avoiding Scams When Choosing A Binary Options Signal Provider


Binary options signals can be a valuable tool to increase the chances of trading success.

There are several binary options signal service providers and choosing a reliable and trustworthy one among them can be difficult. These providers can give you tips for trading opportunities that you might have otherwise missed. However, one must never blindly follow such tips or advice and always use sound judgment to make trading decisions.

How to avoid getting scammed?

Here are some tips to help you avoid scams during the process of choosing a binary options signal service provider.

  1. Understand how it works:

This is the most basic step and a crucial one. There are several signal service providers and various resources such as forums, blogs, newsletters, etc. to choose from. Understanding how each of them works will make the process of choosing one easier.

Some may offer features like auto trading while others may require software to be downloaded so that trading decisions can be made.

One could also choose a manual or automated signal service provider. A manual service provider would require you to be in front of the computer and ready to put trades. An automated service would do it for you but it must be constantly monitored.

Orion Code is an example of software, which gives a high signal accuracy rate. Whether it is legitimate or is Orion Code scam is a question asked by many investors.

  1. Choosing between a paid service or free service:

An advantage of using a free service is that you can choose to use it or not as you wish. There are also paid binary options signal service providers and one must only choose such a source only if it is a trusted one.

Some paid signal providers may offer a free trial. However, in order to use this option, you would need to give them your personal information along with credit card details.

You would not be charged for the trial period but a full fee will be charged when the trial period is over. In order to avoid this, ensure that the subscription is canceled and credit card details are removed from the site before the trial period ends.

  1. Check reviews:

Online trading forums are the best place to read unbiased reviews from members who have used the particular signal service provider. These honest opinions must be considered when choosing the service provider.

One might even be able to view videos that demonstrate the performance of the provider without paying anything for it. Hence, conduct your research to make the right decision.


In spite of all the resources available online, it is highly recommended to learn about the various aspects of trading and the markets. Trusting any resource completely can have serious undesirable consequences on your financial investment.