How You Can Help Your Varicose Veins


No it is not just the women who get affected by varicose veins. There are men who suffer from this intense pain too. The signs of varicose veins include bulged up veins, dark in color, appearing at random places. According to studies, both men and women suffer from vein problems but the women contribute to the majority of varicose veins patients.

This vein problem majorly affects older women and pregnant women. Since women are twice more likely than men to develop varicose veins, they contribute to the majority of the affected crowd.

There are many remedies and products to help bring this problem under control. Products like Varikosette are easily available in the market. Continuous usage of these products as instructed can bring a big relief if not cure it all together.

Some of the other options one can try are:



There are natural varicose veins treatments one can opt for. These treatments range from simple exercises, diet changes to mildly invasive and invasive treatments. Thelevel of treatment depends on one’s condition and choice of course.

Though there are surgeries to help this problem, it is said to recur after a few years. Thus not being a permanent solution. Many doctors believe varicose veins to be a symptom of an underlying bigger vein related problem and not a problem itself. hence there are certains things one can do on a regular basis to prevent or delay the onset of varicose veins.


Getting some regular exercise will not only improve your varicose problem, but will improve your overall health as well. When you move around regularly, the blood circulation is more and you tend to lose weigh more easily. Lesser weight meant lesser stress on those already weak and suffering veins.

Some of the exercises you can do right at home or work at your desk are:

  • Leg lifts
  • Calf raises
  • Side lunges
  • Free bicycling

If one can do other low intensity exercises like walking, swimming, jogging or running, it can help the problem further.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have far more important uses than just making your room smell nice. The Cypress oil is believed to help to a great extent when massaged on the problem areas, on a daily basis. Other oils such as lavender, peppermint or tea tree oil can also be used. Massage the oil well into your skin, twice a day. You will notice lesser swelling and better relief within a few days.