Overweight Problems

Weight issues hardly spare anyone. People are either worried that they are too thin or too heavy. However, the latter is the more common of the weight issues.

So is being overweight really a problem? Here are a few issues that can arise due to excess weight gain:

  • Joint Pains

When you gain too much weight, your body goes out of proportion. Meaning, what your body can take and actually weighs are not in sync. As a result, the joints are exerted too much and results in joints weakness and aches.

Sometimes, these joint pains can be severe and even lead to arthritis. The knees are the most affected joints in the body. this is because when you stand or move around, your legs have to carry the weight and the knees are the joints that have to take the weight.

  • Heart Issues

When the body is overweight, the chances of having a high blood pressure are high. This can lead to heart issues even for those who are still young. The chances of suffering a stroke is also higher as the heart needs to work harder to pump blood to all parts of the body.

Even a small reduction in weight can have a positive effect on your health. When the strain on the heart is reduced, the risks come down and body is able to function better.

  • Breathing Problems

When a person weighs more than his ideal BMI, the heart is under strain to get enough blood through the system. The lungs are under pressure too. As a result, one can encounter a number of breathing problem. Even a little fast paced walking can make a heavy person feel breathless.

One can suffer from asthma or even sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a health problem where one stops breathing for a short period of time and resumes breathing like normal. The risk here is, the person is unaware of this and does not realize they have a health risk.

What To Do

So what can one do when they weigh more than the ideal weight? Do they just take medications for the above listed problems? No, one needs to control and reduce their weight. While exercising and dieting may sound like a perfect option, a lot of work needs to go in for it to work.

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