Sleep well and lose weight

A good night’s sleep has several benefits – you feel more energetic, positive, clear-headed and will not have overweight problems. Yes, research has shown that poor sleeping habits lead to obesity while good quality sleep helps you shed all the extra baggage you carry around.

How does sleep influence weight?

Consistently sleeping well not only renders a healthy glow but also plays a crucial role in your weight loss program. Here are the reasons how sleep keeps your weight in check.

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  • No more craving for junk foods: Controlling what you eat requires a lot of will power and this is the first and most important step that people fail at. According to a research, it was found that in sleep-deprived brains the area responsible for making healthy food choices was inhibited and as a result, people craved for junk food. But a good night’s sleep reboots your entire system and helps you make better food choices which are healthier.
  • Feel satiated longer: Insufficient sleep leads to hormonal imbalance which in turn affects your mood and eating habits. The hormone leptin which is the main cause for making one feel full drops with poor sleep while the appetite-inducing hormone ghrelin A good night’s sleep maintains the balance between these two hormones.
  • Lesser stress levels: If you observe you will notice that you junk more when you are stressed; sleep of fewer than six hours can increase stress levels and break the resolve to stick to any diet plans. But when you are well rested it is easier to stick to strict diets and say “No” to junk.
  • Exercise becomes easier: The biggest bane of overweight people is exercise. They often find excuses not to subject themselves to the physical torture. But a good night’s sleep helps you get up in a better frame of mind and is conducive to exercise as your body knows it can handle it, unlike asleep-deprived brain which only craves for more sleep to conserve energy or more sugar to get more energy.
  • Burn more calories: Did you know you burn calories even when you sleep; a good 50 to 100 calories are burnt each hour of sleep. When you sleep less your body becomes more insulin resistant and paves way for more serious disorders like diabetes.

Losing weight can be an uphill task but not hard to achieve if you are determined to take care of yourself. When you combine good sleeping habits with healthier eating and exercise, you will be delighted with the positive transformation in your body; and if you need extra help you can always take dietary supplements like MaxFit Garcinia which is believed to help in weight loss. But it is important to consult your physician before taking any dietary supplements.