Unnoticed Factors That Is Causing Your Back Pain

When you suffer from a backache, your immediate response to it is to reach for some medication. There are many medicines available across the counter, which can not only reduce your pain but can also keep that pain from recurring again.

However, many such medicines use products that can cause side effects in the long run. Painkillers are known to create a dependency on them, sometimes leading to issues as serious as prescribed medicine addiction.

When you use an external medication, it removes the risk of addiction or side effects. Hondrocream is one such cream that can relieve you if the pain in few minutes of application. Since it is made of natural ingredients, you do not run the risk of any side effects. Click here to know more about this cream.

Keeping such a cream handy, can help you.  You need not continue suffering that backache, through an important meeting or your vacation. You can apply the cream and carry on with your regular work as it will reduce the pain quickly and continue to act on the affected or applied area, for a longer period of time.

The Cause

When you suffer from recurring backaches, you are bound to check with a doctor or undergo tests and scans to derive where the problem is. Here is some simple day to day factors that can go unnoticed but may be the reason behind all those never-ending aches:


The pillow you use plays a major role in ensuring your neck is aligned with your spine. When you are not sleeping on the right pillow, the neck height and angle will be wrong. This can result in pains that start with your neck muscles but will slowly but surely spread to your upper back and then to the lower back.

Since you will be using this pillow every day, the pain will never go away unless you change the pillow. Even if you are exercising your muscles and undergoing medications, the main pain causing factor is not removed.

Smart Phones

The usage of smartphones has increased enormously in the last decade. What used to be an instrument used for better communication has today become an instrument we are most dependent upon. One cannot imagine going a full day without checking their phone.

As the screens got smaller to make the phones pocket-sized, the effort put into reading what is on the screen increased. This, in turn, changes the position of your neck. When your neck is bent at an angle all day, it causes aches and pains.

Though one cannot stop using their phone, getting a bigger phone or using it at eye level can reduce these pains.